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Maladaptive Praxinoscope

Maladaptive Praxinoscope is a student work I had completed in 2015 within the first semester of my 3rd year degree. It took approximately three months to complete, but here is my developing process in creating the work itself. Enjoy~!


Synopsis :

With a parting gift of a toy from her dead mother, neglected feelings from her father and step-mother, the daughter seeks comfort from her imagination being displayed through a praxinoscope.


The mother while lying on her death bed gives her daughter a praxinoscope. After the death of her mother, the daughter seeks comfort from the father. However, the father dealing with his own grief turns away from his daughter as it reminds him too much of the mother. From these neglected feelings , she turns to the last remembrance of her mother, the praxinoscope and starts to play with it. The praxinoscope starts displaying coloured illustrations of a Koi fish, which greatly inspires her imagination and makes her immensely happy. Some time later, the father remarries and devotes all his time and effort with another woman, making the daughter feel even more neglected and alone. The daughter is then seen spending her alone time, creating drawings / illustrations and models for the praxinoscope. The daughter finishes her master piece and spins all her creations around and watches her imagination come to life through the mirrors. These creations include a story of a koi fish swimming by themselves, then being founded by a family and finally the family of koi fish forming into human versions of her mother and father. As the daughter watches the last spin of animation displaying her mother and father, she sees the reflection of herself through the mirror and smiles. The daughter is then blended into the animation and finally is part of her family.

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