Here is my blog full of posts regarding my practice of art including, animation, digital art, university projects and personal projects. My posts would show a lot of work in progress, comments on failures, achievements and experiments. 

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Intro to Environment Art: Week 3

I took in Andres feedback from week 2 and redid my wall to look include half of the first version and second version. I'm now happy with the results. I tried doing my stone floor or cobble stone. I really liked how it turned out but may have to consider the repetition. I sculpted all my individual bricks and tested them on the wall but I have to go back and redo my colours again cause they don't fit in well. I had a problem with baking too, where the edges don't properly display the detail and still retain that hardsurface shape instead of an organic one. For my columns I got up to the unwraping stage, I still need to do the highpoly mesh

Intro to Environment Art: Week 2

Here is my first and second attempt with working on the brick wall. The first attempt, I was happy with the colours but overall it looked too clean and not really damaged. My second attempt got looking much more better with it looking more weathered, but I'll probably fix it to get the colours more like the first one. I'm also going to create moss material to overlay on top and in between the cracks as well..

Intro to Environment Art : Week 1

Brief: Creating an abandoned door/environment The first week the class was taught how to create silhouette and concept art of what we intend to make for the whole course. Here are concept designs I had done, I think i was influenced by Spanish renaissance architecture. I also tried Substance Designer for the first time, I followed Andres tutorial of making dirt. I remember it was really fun cause it looked like I created complicated nodes but really it was so simple haha.

It been a while...

So it has been a while since I've updated my blog and I'm very sorry about that. The past months have been very busy with me doing a few internships and plainly working. I'll try my best to remember the progression of learning this year. Early March, I had taken a CGMA 10 week online course. I had taken 'Intro to Environment Art' with Andres Rodriguez. Overall the course was amazing, I had learned a lot. This is where I mainly learned Substance Designer and painter. After my 10 week course, I then took on a internships that required to learn Zbrush. I had to really push myself to learn Zbrush as quickly as possible since all the work I did at the internship required me to work in the program


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