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It been a while...

So it has been a while since I've updated my blog and I'm very sorry about that. The past months have been very busy with me doing a few internships and plainly working. I'll try my best to remember the progression of learning this year.

Early March, I had taken a CGMA 10 week online course. I had taken 'Intro to Environment Art' with Andres Rodriguez. Overall the course was amazing, I had learned a lot. This is where I mainly learned Substance Designer and painter.

After my 10 week course, I then took on a internships that required to learn Zbrush. I had to really push myself to learn Zbrush as quickly as possible since all the work I did at the internship required me to work in the program.

I did another 6 week online course Zbrush for concept and Iteration with Michael Pavolovich and 5 week course with Intro to Marvelous Designer. I had been following Michael's youtube channel where he had done heaps of tutorials on Zbrush, so I definitely recommend his channel, if you want to learn. With Marvelous Designer, I didn't really spend any time doing the lessons, but I did record them so I still have to learn that process.

Okay! Here the update. So now I'll go through with updating my blog with what I've learnt so far throughout the year.

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