Here is my blog full of posts regarding my practice of art including, animation, digital art, university projects and personal projects. My posts would show a lot of work in progress, comments on failures, achievements and experiments. 

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Storyboard #1

This is my initial storyboard, I had wanted to show Marie Antoinette lifestyle through her fashion, cakes, decorations and harp. However this really has no story to it as it basically literally just showing a room filled with furniture. As you will see later on, I remove a lot of these props

Semester 1 conclusion

I had just finished Semester 1 of my final degree and throughout this semester I had a lot of trouble with the storyboard, animatic and script for my whole animation. I had first started my storyboard with an aim of showing the life style of Marie Antoinette with basically showing off the room and having a modelled 3D character with her saying "Let them eat cake" but throughout this semester with peer reviews and tutor reviews, I had ultimately changed a lot. I no longer have a character and instead focusing on the modelling, lighting and surfacing aspects of the environment and props to visually tell the story. So I had then while modelling these props had created digital stills of each pro

Model: Other objects

Here are other objects I have modelled in the scene, It was decided later on that the harp wouldn't be included


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