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Semester 1 conclusion

I had just finished Semester 1 of my final degree and throughout this semester I had a lot of trouble with the storyboard, animatic and script for my whole animation.


I had first started my storyboard with an aim of showing the life style of Marie Antoinette with basically showing off the room and having a modelled 3D character with her saying "Let them eat cake" but throughout this semester with peer reviews and tutor reviews, I had ultimately changed a lot.

I no longer have a character and instead focusing on the modelling, lighting and surfacing aspects of the environment and props to visually tell the story. So I had then while modelling these props had created digital stills of each prop and focused on the whole look of what I wanted to achieve.

I then created storyboards, where I had first originally showed the story reflecting the room randomly and not really having any story of it at all. I then changed what I was doing and focused more on the story of the whole animatic. I decided to do an overvoice of Marie Antoinette and based on the film 'Marie Antoinette' by Sopfia Coppola. I wanted to allow Marie Antoinette read a letter and better yet, to read a letter about all the scandals people had accused her of. Within researching her letters, there was really nothing to be found about her talking about what people had accused her off. However, the one letter that had reflected Marie Antoinette feelings was her last letter to, Madame Elisabeth (Sister-in-law) before she had been beheaded.

I had chosen this letter and used a few sentences from her letter and added a few sentences of my own to create a whole new interesting story. I also have to add that I changed the script of the letter multiple times to fit within a minute long animation and also to convey the right feelings.

The first attempt of the script had been 2 minutes long and in terms of how it went along with the visuals, it was quite boring. As what Marie Antoinette was saying, was literally being displayed on screen. That when I was introduced to subtext and allegory where the script will say one thing but the visual would oppose to what she is saying. The later posts will demonstrate what I'm talking about but overall this semester has been a back and forth process and hopefully by the end of semester 2 I would hopefully be able to complete my project

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