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Update: Shot 3

Here I changed the floor, carpet, modelled more detail on the chair, curtains, added more detail on the folders and fixed the flowers on the cake.I also changed the wall behind the couch as well and added more detail there so it didn't seem blank

Updates : Credit Shot

So now that we're up to date. I'm now fixing up my animation, this includes fixing all the textures - some of the textures are low res, especially the carpet, floors and painting. Fix up the cloth, the curtains and other props as well. This might take a while to render since I'm going to pay for the renders again and at the moment I have no money .... So here are before and after shots, I also decided to work backwards so starting from the credit shot as at the start I put more time at the beginning than the end.

Marie Antoinette Animation

Here is the animation I submitted for my honour project. I would like to note that I'm fixing this animation right now, that why I don't have this animation on my portfolio page. When this animation was screened last year, it had won Best 3d Modelling. I was really happy that this animation had won this award. Please enjoy. PW: password


Here are screenshots of textures that I have tested before applying them to the actual object

Screenshots of models

Since I can't remember my progress of developing my project, here are screenshots I have taken of 3D models throughout the last semester of my honours project.


The script I have based my animation on is Marie Antoinette last letter to her sister law, Madame Elisabeth before she was sentenced to death for treason. The original letter is a long heart felt script evoking her troubling emotions towards her children and what was happening. I had utilised this letter to create my own fabricated script for the animation. Instead of talking about the children, I get Marie Antoinette to discuss her scandals and how they did her wrong. However, I portray Marie Antoinette to be this snobbish ignorant woman who believes she has done nothing wrong to France but in reality her actions say otherwise. These actions are represented to symbolism and metaphors of the

Animatic 3D

From 2D animatic goes to 3D - this is a very later version where most of the main objects have been modelled and the lights have been placed in it as well. However, here you can see how the props translate well with the camera animation. There were multiple tests I had to to get the camera in a position where I liked it to be

2D Animatic

From the storyboard leads to the Animatic. This is the final version of the Animatic where I look if the script works with the visuals. To view this video, PW: password (how original)

Storyboard #3

In the end, after researching for a long time about scripts and the history of Marie Antoinette. I finally decided what props to represent the scandals of Marie Antoinette life. I feel that with this way of storytelling it would give meaning for the animation and as well show of the interior room.

Storyboard #2

(As you can tell by the date I'm publishing my progress way after my last post regarding my honours project. Everything went well and I have completed it, but for now I will still continue with publishing my progress on last year work) Here is the second attempt on working on the storyboard. instead of showing random objects, which would give no meaning to the actual animation. I tried to incorporate a storyline through the camera movement whilst portraying the whole room.


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