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A digital designer who specialises in modelling, digital sculpting and surfacing. Besides those areas she is also well-versed in concept art. Currently working at Animal Logic as a Surfacing artist. Ailisha loves working collaboratively on creative projects that demonstrate film / game production, emerging technologies such as VR and AR and data visualisation.

Ailisha has a profound educational commitments to design and media, which means she is always striving to keep current with emerging technologies. Ailisha is a hard working employee and is capable of learning new skills to the changing technological industry. This includes attending the yearly SIGGRAPH convention (2015, 2016) as a student volunteer, taking regular online classes and being present at animation event screenings.



Surfacing Artist

Flying Bark Productions

July 2020- Present  |     Sydney, Australia

• Adapting 2D art department reference into a final CG surface that is faithful to the style of the production
• Works closely with the modeling and lighting departments
• Programs: Substance Painter, Katana, Adobe Suite, Nuke, Maya


3D Generalist

Electric Lens Co

April 2019 - June 2020   |     Sydney, Australia

• Creating all types of CG for high-end advertising and digital projects in an efficient manner. 
• Handling scanned data and extracting model and textures. 
• Modelling and surfacing realistic and stylised assets. 
• Lighting and Material setup for real time renders. 
• Researching and developing new techniques for emerging technologies. 
• Being able to collaborate with artist and programmer to determine the best possible techniquesand creative approaches. 
• Programs: Maya, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Unity, Unreal



Freelance 3D Modeller

Glitch Productions

March 2019 - Present     |     Sydney, Australia

• Creation character, creature and hard surfaced models in both low and high poly based off concept art
• Creation of textures for modelled material
• Working directly with rigging artist and designers to further contribute on the development of project.
• Programs: Maya, Substance Painter, Zbrush



Environment Modeller

Start VR

February 2019 - March 2019     |     Sydney, Australia

• Creating 3D assets for games, both high and low poly

• Developing 3D environment art / level design in modelling, texturing and material creation.

• Collaboration with developers and artists to further contribute on the development of project.

• Participation in meetings and asset reviews.

• Programs: Maya, Substance Painter, UE4



Motion Designer / Video Editor


March 2019 - Present     |     Sydney, Australia

• 2D/3D Animation, explainer videos, company showreels, infographics, titles, storyboarding, animatics and film editing.

• Producing motion graphic elements for projects, from the interpretation of branding and storyboards, through to final execution and delivery.

• Programs: After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop



Surfacing Lead

UTS Animal Logic Academy

February 2018 - Present     |     Sydney, Australia

• Responsible for delivering high quality assets in an efficient manner and managing the surfacing / texture department team. 
• Troubleshoots creative and technical issues as they arise 
• Works closely with the modeling and lighting departments 
• Ensures that Surfacing files are complete and ready for lighting 
• Participation in daily meetings and asset reviews 
• Programs: Maya, Substance Painter, Katana, Renderman



3D / 2D Junior Generalist 

Mirari & Co

August 2017 - Present     |     Sydney, Australia

Internship work experience

3D Generalist - Hard surface modelling, organic modelling, character developer, surfacing, layout design and animation
2D Generalist - Concept art in both character and environment



Digital Designer & Visual Artist 

Digital Media Group (DMG)

September 2016 -  Present     |     Sydney, Australia

Working in house as part of the creative digital team.

Specialities include: Illustration, storyboarding, film shoots, editing, compositing, animation and assistant director 



3D / 2D Animator Intern

In The Thicket

August 2017 - September 2017     |     Sydney, Australia

One month internship that included working on a client stop motion project that required both traditional skills of crafting and replicating photorealistic models


3D Modeler Intern

Fin Design + Effects 

March 2017 - March 2017     |     Sydney, Australia

Two week internship that included working within the CGI department but specifically under a modelling mentorship. Worked on client projects that needed high and low poly modelling with surfacing / texturing requirements. 



Rotoscope Artist

Sticky Fingers

March 2015 - April 2015     |     Sydney, Australia

Internship work experience

This position included creating and designing rotoscoped loops for the music video of Sticky Finger's 'Dreamland'
The loops included 60 frames for each set. In total, this position had wanted two sets of loops to be animated 













Substance Painter






Substance Designer



Marvelous Designer






After Effects





Primiere Pro



Marmoset Toolbag



R3DS Wrap







University Of Technology Sydney - Animal Logic Academy

January 2018 - December 2018     |     Sydney, Australia


The UTS Animal Logic Academy (UTS ALA) is a unique collaboration that responds directly to the challenges of the animation and visualisation industries. This one year unique masters degree allows students to be industry ready.



University Of New South Wales

March 2013 - March 2017     |     Sydney, Australia


Studying a Bachelor of Media Arts, majoring in Animation. 




January 2017 - Present     |     Sydney, Australia


Intro to Environment Art with Andres Rodriguez. - 11 week online course learning the fundamentals of environment art. 
Softwares: Maya, Marmoset Toolbag, Substance Designer and Substance Painter. 

Zbrush for Concept and Iteration with Michael Pavlovich - 7 week online course learning the fundamentals of Zbrush
Softwares: Zbrush

Introduction to Marvelous Designer with John Gotch - 6 week online course learning the fundamentals of Marvelous Designer
Softwares: Maya, Marvelous Designer




Student Volunteer

July 2016  |     Anaheim, America


Helped support the one week conference in Los Angeles



Student Volunteer

August 2015  |     Los Angeles, America


Helped support the one week conference in Los Angeles




Manga and Anime



Traditional drawing and digital drawing



Video games - Role playing, choice and action genre



Collecting Pop ( I have 70 so far)



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