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Marvelous Designer


It been a while since I last posted but since then I've been busy updating my reels and applying for jobs! This year I've been freelancing a lot at Start VR, Jaywing and Electric Lens Co. It has been a really good experience so far as each project I'm on has been challenging and different.

But since working a 9-6 job, it has been hard working on my own personal projects but it's an aim for me to keep on learning and challenging myself. The last month I've been trying marvelous designer.

I bought Flipped normals tutorial on the bomber jacket and was really happy with the results. Here are some progress pictures of how I made it.

Here are the images.

Model was provided by Flipped Normals,

Surfacing done in Substance Painter

Lighting and Rendering through Renderman.

From this tutorial, I definately learned how to quickly simulate clothing and how to simple stitch together fabric just like in real life.


  • T-pose character - Higher mesh decimate to get more outline

  • Morph target - Clothes simulate onto the posed character later

  • Start simulation at 15 then go lower

  • Pins will forever be your saviour

What to learn for next time:

  • Animated simulation

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