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A 3D highly rendered character interacting within a static rendered environment. Focusing on lighting, shading and modelling, these two aspects of character and environment will be based on the lifestyle of Marie Antoinette within the palace of versailles.


  • Born November 2, Vienna, Austria

  • Helped provoke the popular unrest that led to the French revolution and to the overthrow of the monarchy

  • Became a symbol of the excesses of the monarchy

  • Lived relatively carefree childhood.

  • Tutor found Marie “more intelligent than has been generally supposed” but added that since “she is rather lazy and extremely frivolous, she is hard to teach”

  • Married to Louis-Auguste at 15 and became queen at 19

  • Marie was described to be vivacious, outgoing, bold, a social butterfly who loved gambling, partying and extravagant fashions

  • The last queen of France, has been both vilified as the personification of the evils of monarchy and exalted as a pinnacle of fashion and beauty.

  • The heroine is reflected in the obsessive scholarship on her choices in wardrobe and jewellery, and the endless speculation about her extramarital love life.


  • Louis XVI entrusted her with the task of entertaining the court

  • She organised theatrical performances two or three times a week and revived the grand balls.

  • Led the court in place in the Salon de la Paix and played billiards and cards with great enthusiasm.

  • A music-lover and played the harp. An art-lover as well

  • She devoted a lot of her time to fashion and received daily advice on the choice of her dresses from her dressmaker and designer Rose Berlin, Her hairdresser, Leonard devised the hairstyles decorated with feathers that she adored.



  • Le Cabinet Dore (Gilded Study)

  • Largest if the queen’s private rooms - She generally withdrew to entertain her children and friends, to play music with her teacher, or to pose for Madame Vigee-Leburn, her favourite painter.

  • The room was redecorated in 1783 by Richard Mique, Marie’s architect.

  • The woodwork by the Rousseau brothers, adorned with sphinxes and antique tripods.

  • This gilded study – so named due to the abundance of gold on the woodwork, bronzes and chairs – opens by means of a small door to the left of the chimney onto a small chamber whose Martin’s varnish colour paint dates back to the 1750s.

  • It is the only original testimony of the craze that this China lacquer imitating process provoked at the time. Its woodwork comes from a back chamber of the apartment of Marie-Josèphe of Saxony located on the ground floor; it was Marie-Antoinette herself who had the décor, which was created for her mother-in-law, brought to the gilded study.


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