Here is my blog full of posts regarding my practice of art including, animation, digital art, university projects and personal projects. My posts would show a lot of work in progress, comments on failures, achievements and experiments. 

I hope you enjoy my blog and if you have any questions regarding my practice, please email me! :)

April 3, 2016

Here are my orthographic reference for Dusk, I included both clothed and naked version

April 3, 2016

In semester 2 2015, I had taken this modelling, rigging and texturing course. I had previously had taken this course in my second year but since there was no good electives being offered. I decided to take it again. 

This course is about designing a character and model, texture and rig from scratch. Since I had done this course before, I wanted to create a complicated character. 



character name: Megascops Kennicotti or Dusk

Ethical perspective: Veil of Ignorance

Dominated by: (Emot...

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